Sunday, November 3, 2013

October C4K

In response to his teachers questions about the novel they had been reading, Ben made a post and observed that service dogs are helpful to people that need extra help. In reference to a character in the story, he said that having a new sibling in the house would be an adjustment and I couldn’t have agreed more.
The next students blog I commented on was Calvin who is a student in Mr.Somerville’s 6th grade class. His blog entry was a story of a robbery and it was a cute mystery story and I encouraged him to keep up the good work. I love to see kids imaginations at work!
The last blog I commented on was Ryann’s. Ryann gave his closing thoughts on the story “Out of Your Mind” they had been reading. I was happy to see that he understood that we should treat everyone equally. It was a very very well written post. Additionally, I hope that he will apply these lessons to real life situation

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