Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blog Post #14

One assignment that could be used in EDM 310 is to have students use find an app using an iPad that would be useful in a classroom and give a review on them. It is beneficial to know how to use a device and use it to its full potential. For instance, I would choose an app that is conducive to elementary students since I'm an Elementary Education Major. Personally I would choose an app for reading. One app that I found very resourceful was High Frequency words. This app uses the dolch words which is a compilation of words that are frequently seen in text. The app is completely interactive. The students can tap on the words and see them being used in a sentence. In addition to becoming familiar to the words, they can get familiar with the letter in the word and identify them as tall and short letters. This is a great way to help your struggling readers and to give them something different besides flash cards. I would rate this app on the scale of 1-10, a 8 only because some of the features aren't unlocked.

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